Atomic Shelter: A Kickstarter from M3 Studios

A great Canadian company that makes amazing terrain STL files has launched another marvelous Kickstarter. This one is based in the atompunk world, in none other than a subterranean complex. We were able to get an interview with them in order to get more details for all of you. Their prior Kickstarter also based in the atompunk world worked perfectly for Fallout miniature games or any other miniature games based in a post-apocalyptic world. This one revisits this world and provides a new environment for you to delve. As you delve into the vault you find more and more rooms and pieces of furnishing to spruce up your game table. All of their tiles and furnishing are designed to be small enough to print on the Ender 3, which M3 does all their testing on so as long as your printers have the same volume then you should be fine!

Background on M3 Studios

M3 Studios was founded and is run by one legendary man, JV Laprise.  JV founded the company after the previous company he was working at was downsizing. Instead of fear of losing his job he saw this as his golden ticket. Having hated his job, he put his name in to be packaged out and thus M3 Studios was born and is going strong today. Going from casting and producing his own terrain to just producing the STL files hasn’t changed the quality of their work!  

About the Kickstarter

A big concern for people backing kickstarters is how long until they see their pledge and M3 has for sure come prepared! When talking with JV over at M3 he says, “all the core Kickstarter stretchgoals are ready”, and he will be setting them up for magnitization so you can set them up in a modular fashion. In addition to the core Kickstarter the first handful of Stretchgoals are at the same stage so if your worried about funding, don’t be!

At the time of writing this article, M3 has already funded and hit their 4th stretchgoal! This Kickstarter really stands out in our minds as well as there isn’aren’t any other sets like it out there. If he funds enough to do catwalks, the board of your making will have more than one level to it! If you’re curious to see the quality of the work done by M3 Studios check out their past campaigns, they range from terrain suited to Tau to atompunk. While you are at it toss them a like over on the M3 gaming Studios’ Facebook and check out the awesome work going on!

Why Post Apocolyptic Atompunk?

JV tells me the main reason he chose Atompunk was just because, “I was always a fan of the Genre”, he wanted to release something along the style for a long time but he never got around to doing it until he launched his Welcome to Atom City Kickstarter last year and it was an absolute blast.

With all the positive support he decided to create a new project focusing on a subterreanian fallout shelter. He promises to keep on pushing this idea into new directions and to bring us on his trip through the wastelands!

M3 Studios Kickstarter:

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