Mortal Realms 25-30 Pre-order Sneak Peak!

In this episode we will be taking a peak at the paints and models that will come with issues 25 to 30. Note, the last issue is speculation.

Shiieeeeld Waaall! – Combat in the Mortal Realms

In this episode we look at a new rule added to our combat mechanics, the Armour Save! We also gather our forces for a mighty clash over the fate of the hidden treasures within the vaults!

Indomitus Box – Contents, Price, Release date, What’s Missing?

This video explores the contents of the upcoming 9th edition release box, Indomitus. We will be looking at the value of what you’re getting, potential pricing and when we think it will be up for pre-order.

Mortal Realms Issue 9 Review!

In this episode we explore the nature, history and layout of the Mortal Realms. We also delve deeper into the organisation of Stormhosts. And, we learn more about Negash’s Mortarchs!

Mortal Realms Issue 8 Review!

What is a Celestar Ballista? What was their original intent? Who are the people living in the realm of Shyish? All is revealed in this episode!

New 40k Starter Set Contents Leaked!

The second video with all the info gathered from Sunday’s previews, including more detail on new Necrons and the Silent King, new Primaris, terrain, and the new starter box!

Breaking News! 9th Edition 40k Confirmed! – Preview Breakdown

We all watched the preview. We all saw the epic new models and rules. Time to break it down and find any hidden gems!

Mortal Realms Issue 7 Review!

In this episode we delve into the pages of Issue 7 of the Mortal Realms magazine. We will be exploring Reforging and the toll it takes on the Stormcast Eternals, ,the Age of Chaos, and what happened to Negash when he tried to fight the chaotic hordes alone.

Mortal Realms Issue 5 Review!

This episode explores Issue 5 with our magazine exclusive miniature, Xandria Azurebolt! Plus we delve into the lore, featuring the home of Sigmar himself!

Mortal Realms Issue 4 Review!

This episode sees us delve into Issue 4 of Mortal Realms and explore what Glaivewraith Stalkers are. Plus we learn about the Necroquake!