Forging the Cellistar Ballista and Reinforcements!

In this episode we get our Celestar Ballista AND our reinforcements, from issues 8 and 9, built and painted! And let’s not forget our Community Focus!

Polish That Armour! – Painting in the Mortal Realms!

In this episode we cover the do’s and don’ts of shading, and dry brushing metallic paints! If you’re going to order through Forbidden Planet then hit this link to help support this channel! Code: THC

The Briar Queen Joins the Ranks!

In this episode we look at building and painting the Thorns of the Briar Queen, as directed in issue 6 of the Mortal Realms magazine. We also have a look at what you, the community, have done with yours in our Community Focus!

Let’s Paint: Adrax Agatone!

This week Josh is back with a new entry in his ‘Let’s Paint’ playlist, this time painting up the spicy Adrax Agatone, Captain of Nocturne and all round sexy Salamander badass! In previous videos, Josh has taken us step by step through the entire process of painting whichever miniature it …

Conquest Continues – Conquering Recess Shading

This episode brings us to the daunting task of following issue 37. From touching up details missed earlier in the series, to recess shading the entire Ultramarine collection. And let’s not forget a return to the infamous and long missed Community Focus!

Picking Your Next Hobby Project

Have you ever finished a project, snapped some photos for posting online, sat back and then wondered, “what should I paint next?” It’s a question we all need to answer at some point, but sometimes it can be more difficult than others. Looking at that ever growing mountain of grey …

Slap some paint on it!

In this video I will be walking you through the paint guide of the Mortal Realms Issue 2 the do’s and don’ts of miniature painting and drop some tips on how to make your brush last with minimum effort. We will also be making those ghastly ghosts look suitably haunting.

Building Banshees – The do’s and don’ts in the Mortal Realms

In this episode I walk you through how to build the Myrmourn Banshees as fuss free as possible. I also go over some tips if you wish to use glue to build them!