Forging the Cellistar Ballista and Reinforcements!

In this episode we get our Celestar Ballista AND our reinforcements, from issues 8 and 9, built and painted! And let’s not forget our Community Focus!

Polish That Armour! – Painting in the Mortal Realms!

In this episode we cover the do’s and don’ts of shading, and dry brushing metallic paints! If you’re going to order through Forbidden Planet then hit this link to help support this channel! Code: THC

The Briar Queen Joins the Ranks!

In this episode we look at building and painting the Thorns of the Briar Queen, as directed in issue 6 of the Mortal Realms magazine. We also have a look at what you, the community, have done with yours in our Community Focus!

Xandria Azurebolt is Reforged!

In this video we follow the building and painting guide in issue 5 of the Mortal Realms magazine! We also explore conversion ideas to make the most of this exclusive model.

Glaivewraith Stalkers Rise!

In this episode we get to build our Glaivewraith Stalkers. And learn how to apply a new Technical paint, Nihilakh Oxide, to your growing Nighthaunt collection!

Painting Stormcast – A Beginning

This episode sees us explore the building and painting section of issue 3 Mortal Realms. I also briefly explore minor conversions you can do that require very little work. And then we finally see what’s going on in our first Mortal Realms Community Focus!

Let’s Paint: Adrax Agatone!

This week Josh is back with a new entry in his ‘Let’s Paint’ playlist, this time painting up the spicy Adrax Agatone, Captain of Nocturne and all round sexy Salamander badass! In previous videos, Josh has taken us step by step through the entire process of painting whichever miniature it …

Orc Teeth Painting Tutorial

So, you’ve decided you want to paint orcs? Trust me, I get it. They’re tough, they’re ‘ard and, most importantly, they’re green (easily the best colour). You’ve started painting them and then you realise, you’re not sure how to paint their teeth! Well don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with …

Conquest Continues – Conquering Recess Shading

This episode brings us to the daunting task of following issue 37. From touching up details missed earlier in the series, to recess shading the entire Ultramarine collection. And let’s not forget a return to the infamous and long missed Community Focus!