Mortal Realms 25-30 Pre-order Sneak Peak!

In this episode we will be taking a peak at the paints and models that will come with issues 25 to 30. Note, the last issue is speculation.

Indomitus Box – Contents, Price, Release date, What’s Missing?

This video explores the contents of the upcoming 9th edition release box, Indomitus. We will be looking at the value of what you’re getting, potential pricing and when we think it will be up for pre-order.

New 40k Starter Set Contents Leaked!

The second video with all the info gathered from Sunday’s previews, including more detail on new Necrons and the Silent King, new Primaris, terrain, and the new starter box!

Breaking News! 9th Edition 40k Confirmed! – Preview Breakdown

We all watched the preview. We all saw the epic new models and rules. Time to break it down and find any hidden gems!

Big Mortal Realms and Conquest News!

This episode covers the latest in Mortal Realm news, 40k Conquest, new releases and teasers from Games Workshop, plus an update on what’s going on in the channel!

FOX BOX MONTHLY – Tricksy Mental

Do you even cast bro? Hey wargamers,  Spud here, what a wonderful and magical day, as Fox Box have just released another awesome monthly goblin. His name is Triksy Mental and he is cast in their legendary high detailed green resin. Full of character and wonderful crispy detail, he is …

Community Painting Competition – March 2020: Sci Fi!

Welcome to the Gallery for the March 2020 Chilling Wargamers Community Painting Competition! Every month in the Chilling Wargamers Community Facebook Group we run a painting competition. Each competition lasts a month, with no prizes on offer except for bragging rights and to have their miniature in the banner at …

Paintdemic! A Painting Competition from Wamp

As most of you are probably aware by now, there’s a small thing going on globally called Coronavirus. It’s done a fair job of disrupting everyday life at best, and at worst can be rather nasty. To help bring about something else to focus on, Brett over at Wamp has …

Fists and Fangs Orc Pack from RageCraft Studios

Chilling Wargamers is all about Wargames and Wargaming products so for my first contribution on the Chilling Network I am showing you the very cool miniatures that are currently on sale from RageCraft Studios. But first a little background on how these came to life, RageCraft Studios have been around …

Sneak Peak in the Mortal Realms!

Want to know what’s coming in issues 12-20 of the Mortal Realms magazine? We got you covered! Plus! A rundown of savings per issue!