Community Painting Competition – December 2019: Hero/Champion

Welcome to the Gallery for the December 2019 Chilling Wargamers Community Painting Competition!

This is the second monthly painting competition to be hosted in the Community Facebook Group. Each competition lasts a month, with no prizes on offer except for bragging rights and to have their miniature in the banner at the top of the group for a month.

December’s theme was Hero/Champion. An incredibly open category this one – the judging panel was after someone noble, a heroic figure who inspires those around them at the same time as causing a murmur of discontent amongst the opposing force. While it says hero/champion, it was also open to the interpretation that you could also paint up a villain – after all, they’re the heroes of their forces as well!

The rules were that people had to post an unpainted or primed miniature at the start, followed by a completed picture when asked at the end of the competition.

The Entries

Alex Barkley

Alex Hadfield

Barrie Young

Mike Arnold

Normski Ealand

Normski Ealand (again!)

Paul Harris

Richard Smith

Zach Reid

The Winner

Congratulations to Zach at Zombie Brush Studios who won this month with his excellent monochrome (or as I like to think of it, Sin City Style) Mephiston.

Bram’s Breakdown

As our SEO thingymabob likes it when articles go over 300 words, I’m going to ramble on a bit at the bottom of these galleries going forward and pick out some of the bits that I personally really liked from the entries.

I’m really happy Zach won, partially to prove my point from November’s write up that these things aren’t actually biased in favour of CN writers 😉 The monochrome scheme works really nicely on Mephiston, just picking out the vials of blood, the drops and the sword in the spot colour.

Cheeky chap Normski managed to sneak in two entries! I also can’t remember seeing the unpainted photos of in the starter thread in the group and as much as I like seeing Purgatory get an outing, I’m guessing the judges took that into account.

Mike’s converted Chaos/Nighthaunt floaty ghosty daemon has a lovely twist in changing from the cold blues down into warm orange while Richard’s Ogor Tyrant has just the right amount of blood on him to not be overloaded. Less is always more with the blood effects in my book.

What’s Up Next?

If you want to get involved in the monthly competitions, come and join us over in the Facebook Community Group because February’s Monsters competition is almost upon us!

November’s competition theme was Fantasy – you can see the full gallery of entries here.

January’s competition is close to completion and the gallery will be uploaded once judging is complete and a winner is drawn!


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