Community Painting Competition – February 2020: Monsters!

Welcome to the Gallery for the February 2020 Chilling Wargamers Community Painting Competition!

Every month in the Chilling Wargamers Community Facebook Group we run a painting competition. Each competition lasts a month, with no prizes on offer except for bragging rights and to have their miniature in the banner at the top of the group for a month.

Spud decided that for the shortest month of the year, it would be a real challenge for people to paint monsters, so that’s what we did! As usual with the Chilling Wargamers, the theme was loosely interpreted as more of a guideline – we want people to paint!

From little to large, from trolls to undead to robots – we’ve got quite a selection of completed entries, despite the challenging time frame.

The rules were that people had to post an unpainted or primed miniature at the start, followed by a completed picture when asked at the end of the competition. All completed entries are listed below in alphabetical order.

The Entries

Alex Hadfield

Dagfinn Bakkeløkken

David Titterington
Edward Washer
Ian Mayhew
Josh Matkin
Mike Arnold
Paul Johnson
Srdan Jovanovic
Steve Forté Haydon

The Winner

Congratulations to David Titterington for his awesome Forest Troll from Warploque Miniatures!

Bram’s Breakdown

An impressive 10 entries made it to the finish line in this month’s competition! Sadly, I was not amongst them – my piece is still sat on my desk as it had to give way for exam preparations. I want to do it justice, so it’ll stay there for a while longer. I picked out the OOP Ogre Dominator from Ax Faction and I’m looking forward to cracking on with it.

The Warploque Forest Troll for ArcWorlde 2nd Edition was one that I considered painting up, but eventually, the Dominator came out on top. David stuck with his though and got some really nice muted natural tones across the skin and fur. The natural tones of the troll are complemented by the greenery on the base, which itself is well thought out. Some bases include parts and pieces that look as though they should belong in the setting but just give a feeling of being a constructed set piece. The basing on David’s troll has enough layers and textures to appear as a natural forest undergrowth, which is a tricky skill!

The Forest Troll isn’t the only Warploque entry – Dagfinn’s Troll Hunter Halfling (see, I said the category was more like a guideline) also found his way in. Dagfinn is well known in the ArcWorlde community for his Cushington Brigade, Halflings clad in pink and green with bags of character.

Remember the cartoons where kids used to stand on each other’s shoulders and put on a coat, pretending to be an adult? Mike Arnold took that to another level with his nurgling construct. It’s so good! In fact, here’s the unpainted picture so you can see all the construction work:

Away from the fantasy side of the draw, there are the two opposing sides of machine monstrosities from Josh and Paul. Whereas one is brighter, with a good use of the complementary blue and orange, Paul’s weaponised skulls scream 40K – lots of metal and guns!

What’s Up Next?

If you want to get involved in the monthly competitions, come and join us over in the Facebook Community Group! I’m a little late writing this article, as March’s comp only has 10 days left! If you want to dive in, the theme is Sci-Fi. We should be finding out from Spud what the April theme will be in the not too distant future.

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