Community Painting Competition – January 2020: Bad Guy/Champion

Welcome to the Gallery for the January 2020 Chilling Wargamers Community Painting Competition!

This is the third monthly painting competition to be hosted in the Community Facebook Group. Each competition lasts a month, with no prizes on offer except for bragging rights and to have their miniature in the banner at the top of the group for a month.

As we progress through the months of competitions, we appear to be refining our categories slightly. We started out with Fantasy before moving into a Hero/Champion for December. It was argued for December that bad guys were the heroes of their own stories, so they were available for selection in that comp. For January however, they’re on their own! One bad guy per person, be it a dastardly wizard, a brute of a chaos lord, or just a downright unpleasant orc.

The rules were that people had to post an unpainted or primed miniature at the start, followed by a completed picture when asked at the end of the competition. I’ll be listing the entries in alphabetical order per the name of the Facebook Profile used to paint the picture – I’m not aiming to put me first each month, I swear!

The Entries

Alex Barkley

Anthony Jay Coates

David Titterington

Edward Washer

Jeff Sargent

Mike Arnold

Srdan Jovanovic

The Winner

Congratulations to Srdan Jovanovic on getting the first win of the year with his Dark Apostle and henchmen!

Bram’s Breakdown

The dust has settled on the third monthly painting competition and January has taken its toll! We finished with seven entries, while a number of starters appeared to fall at close to the final hurdle.

Srdan’s Dark Apostle has a really nice coldness to the black that contrasts with the warm gold and cloth colours. Plus he did something I always forget to do on my gaming bases and vary the tones in the dirt. There are some definite warmer red muddy bits interspersed with the cooler, paler, yellower patches.

David’s Savage Elf Warmage really caught my eye with it’s warm natural tones popping up against the darker green base. Without seeing the unpainted shot I wouldn’t have guessed that it was a conversion either!

Mike was back again this month with another Chaos infused Nighthaunt, while Edward also made a pact with the dark gods to bring forward his Standard Bearer.

It took me a while to initially pick out my choice for the comp. After a rummage in one of the many drawers of stuff, I surfaced with Popeye from Wamp. He was a risky choice, being a bust rather than someone easily identifiable as a champion but I decided that with his false eye and interesting expression he would definitely fit in as a Bad Guy. I haven’t painted up all that many busts – Popeye makes two that I’ve completed! It was a lot of fun to have more space to play on his face and bring in some tones that might otherwise have been lost on a gaming mini.

What’s Up Next?

If you want to get involved in the monthly competitions, come and join us over in the Facebook Community Group because February’s Monsters competition has begun, and will run until the end of February!

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