Community Painting Competition – March 2020: Sci Fi!

Welcome to the Gallery for the March 2020 Chilling Wargamers Community Painting Competition!

Every month in the Chilling Wargamers Community Facebook Group we run a painting competition. Each competition lasts a month, with no prizes on offer except for bragging rights and to have their miniature in the banner at the top of the group for a month.

The rules were that people had to post an unpainted or primed miniature at the start, followed by a completed picture when asked at the end of the competition. All completed entries are listed below in alphabetical order.

This month, we had Sci-Fi as our category, which also coincided with Spud’s “3 colours plus black” Space Marine challenge (intro video here, mainly for the bloopers at the end). A dozen completed entries, from aforementioned Space Marines to a Halfling!

The Entries

Adam Dodge

Alex Barkley

Dagfinn Bakkeløkken

Dan Cain

David Rider

Edward Washer

Gavin Williams

Michael Finbarr-Smith

Mike Arnold

Paul Harris

Srdan Jovanovic

Steve Forté Haydon

The Winner

Congratulations to, umm… me. Again. It was awkward writing this the first time for November’s comp, so it’s doubly awkward now! I have nothing to do with the judging, and according to Spud the decision wasn’t just done to make me write an uncomfortable breakdown. The mini is Witch Seeker Aleya from Games Workshop. She’s part of this year’s Black Library celebration box set, partnering Valerian the Custodian.

Bram’s Breakdown

A third of our entries completed entries that were posted in the thread were Space Marines from the 3 Colours (plus Black) Challenge. I know for a fact that even more were finished, but people didn’t post them in the thread! This was the shot to hit two entries with one mini!

Adam Dodge’s Unicorn Marine is a particular standout. It’s not quite as bold as a Hello Kitty Marine, but it does it’s best to throw grimdark out the window, right down to the flowers in the basing. We also had a couple of Star Wars entries – Dan Cain with Jyn Erso from Legion, while I believe Srdan Jovanovic’s “The Child” is a 3D print with some lovely colour tone in the skin and robe.

We break away from traditional Sci-Fi with Dagfinn’s Halfling and Paul’s steampunk-esque axeman whose name escapes me. People might ask “what is a halfling doing in a Sci-Fi comp? Well, in ArcWorlde lore, the current highest tech advancement is Arcanite weaponry. Arcanite is a little like Warhammer’s Warpstone, just with less mutation effects. Arcanite being used to power rifles and pistols is instead of having gunpowder, with this Halfling wielding one of Albionnica’s newest weapons. Thus, Sci-Fi!

What’s Up Next?

If you want to get involved in the monthly competitions, come and join us over in the Facebook Community Group!

The April Painting Competition is focused on Skin! It could be human skin, demon skin, orc skin… All of the model needs to be completed, but the skin is the area the judging pannel will be looking at so mostly naked barbarians would give you a lot more room to work and show off than an unhelmed Space Marine or Sister of Battle would!

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