Community Painting Competition – November 2019: Fantasy

Starting in November 2019, the Chilling Wargamers team started holding monthly painting competitions in the Community Facebook Group. Each competition lasts a month, with no prizes on offer except for bragging rights and to have their miniature in the banner at the top of the group for a month. Mostly it’s just a friendly boost to help encourage people to get painting!

The first month’s category was Fantasy! Nice and simple, open to interpretation and a chance to get creative.

The rules were that people had to post an unpainted or primed miniature at the start, then a completed picture when asked at the end of the competition. The team was really happy with the entries received so it’s the plan to keep the competitions as a regular feature.

As nobody outside of the Community Group has seen all of the entries together, we thought it would be good to put together a little gallery of them all here! All pictures here are the ones posted in the “Finished” section of the competition post.

The Entries

Adam Williams

Alex Barkley

Alex Hadfield

Chris Buck

Dagfinn Bakkeløkken

Gary Cook

Karl Turley

Kelvin Goh

Mark Dewhurst

Paul Harris

Phil Eddon

Sean Ashby

Steve Forté Haydon

The Winner

Well, this is awkward. The esteemed judging panel decided that I was the winner on this round hopefully based on the fact that they liked Aetulla here (from Mierce Miniatures) rather than because I’d be writing for them in the not too distant future!

If you want to get involved in the monthly competitions, come and join us over in the Facebook Community Group!

December’s competition theme was Hero/Champion and the gallery will be posted up in the not too distant future.


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