The Chilling Network

The Chilling Network is a web of writers, video creators and streamers who are all brought together by a common goal…

To give back to the very community that got them to where they are today!

People from all levels of experience are in this team from professional painters, YouTubers and much more! So sit back, relax and enjoy the #nonstopcontent as it starts flying up on our website!

If you’re a member of the Chilling Network community and want to contribute to the website or even our YouTube channels then either fill in our Chilling Network Content Creator Form or contact Galeprime directly via either the Discord server or his Twitter!



"Once upon a time I received the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers starter box from Games Workshop for Christmas. Shortly after that, I stopped collecting football stickers and started collecting miniatures.

In recent years this has exploded into a grey legion from a wide variety of producers, which gets added to more frequently than they get painted.

My wallet is yet to forgive me for leaving the stickers behind."

IG: @brambletenpaints

Poxy Proxy Predator

"Poxy Proxy Predator started when I was made redundant 10 years ago, I got back into the hobby as a way to keep me going while I looked for a job.

The blog is now mostly 40k focused, with a side helping of Knight Models Harry Potter range, as my oldest daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan, if the rumored Scott Pilgrim game comes out, I'll be looking at getting that for my youngest daughter."


Video Creators & Streamers

Frost & Fists

"What is up, Beautiful People?

Frost and Fists is a YouTube channel about two bros that are passionate about the hobby and celebrating the hobby community. Wolfbrother Methos Khushrenada and Imperial Fists Freak put on a Friday Night Live every week at 8:30 pm, US Central Time, to discuss:

-Hobby Updates -Art of the Week -GW News -Weekly Motivation with Chaplain Emo -100% True Elstonation's Minis Facts!

Best of all is always our chance to chat and hang with the community! We'd love to have you drop in and be part of the discussions!

In addition to our live streams, we also feature showcase videos of our painting projects, along with occasional tutorials and Battle Reports! Check us out!"


The Pickle Jar

The Pickle Jar is a miniatures hobby YouTube channel, run by gaming couple Josh and Wendy and their cat Loki.

They put out new videos every Saturday morning and these cover things from tutorials to talking about different aspects of the miniature hobby!


Hobby Corner

"From The Hobby Corner emerges Kev. A Kev who will defy all other Kevs in the world to be the most competent gluer, painter and player of table top wargames. Or at least you'll get to see just how bad he can muck it up 😀 "


Great Jojoman

"Hey there everybody! I’m a veteran hobbyist and part time war gamer of about 18 years.

The Enter the Wolftime YouTube channel has been established for almost a decade way back in the early days of YouTube and the fledgling days of the online wargamer community (yes I was there when it all began). Originally it started as a simple army blog to document my space wolves army, the many years have seen the channel grow and evolve to include not just army blogs but many unboxing’s, tutorials, tips and tricks, event coverage, and downright silly videos.

With a video library of over 600 videos there is something for almost every aspect of the hobby. I upload pretty much on a weekly basis taking the odd break here and there to recharge so if you see something you like stick around sit back and let the good times roll..."