Fists and Fangs Orc Pack from RageCraft Studios

Chilling Wargamers is all about Wargames and Wargaming products so for my first contribution on the Chilling Network I am showing you the very cool miniatures that are currently on sale from RageCraft Studios.

But first a little background on how these came to life, RageCraft Studios have been around a while now and have produced some awesome wargaming and display standard miniatures and I have been chatting with them pretty much from the launch of their first miniature. In fact they supported me while I was writing for Initiative Magazine and I regularly reviewed their releases. Their standards are more than your average gaming miniatures and their quality speaks volumes and they are indeed one of my favourite ranges of miniatures.

RageCraft Studios teamed up with the creators of Norsgard to bring you a game called Fists and Fangs…

Some of you may remember Norsgard but some of you may not??

Norsgard was a skirmish game that heralded Orcs as the heroes and humans and other races as the barbaric tribes.

Norsgard Miniatures were also very very nice and at the time were again some of my favourites and Pawel the creator also supported Initiative Magazine allowing myself to review the game and it was a very cool game and I was quite shocked it didn’t take off better than it did…

So with that little bit of background I bring you back to Fists and Fangs…

At the moment the game is on hold due to some admin issues but the guys have decided to release the miniatures in a pack of 3 for €54.90…

They are cast in grey resin and come in multiple parts and all supplies on 40mm gaming bases.

The Orcs are of the Order of the Ram and their sole aim is to protect their lands of Isbran from the evil northern tribes. The 3 Orcs have 13 parts altogether and come with different weapons. The miniatures are scaled at a size of 32mm which is like a lot of skirmish games on the market but being orcs they are quite large.

If you have seen Atlantis Miniatures orcs which seems quite a size, these are a little taller than those.

These hefty very nicely detailed miniatures are a painters dream with textures and details that just love the paint brush, they also look badass on the gaming table.

At the moment you could use them for RPG or tabletop skirmish systems and you would not be disappointed by the way they look.

I have assembled the ones I received in the demo game box and in time I am going to enjoy painting them.

The Fists and Fangs game has no release date yet but it follows the same background as Norsgard.

The Orcs are Templar Knights and are the good guys so keep an eye out for the game in the future and you may want to check it out for something different to play when a gazillion dice gets a bit too familiar. This pack has only got 3 miniatures in it but I received 6 all together, I am showing you a selection of what RageCraft have planned for the game and I only have 2 of the miniatures that come in the current 3 pack.

I love the crisp detail on these miniatures and I know those of you who can paint NMM well will love these miniatures too as the chains and weapons are chunky so have a good surface to play around with.

There are so many textures on these miniatures that anyone painting them will have so much fun trying new techniques to show them off on the tabletop.

Keep an eye out for RageCraft Studios and their whole range you will not be disappointed with them at all…

Head over to and take a look for yourself, these things are Orctastic…

I hope you enjoyed looking at these miniatures as much as I did and hope you take a leap into purchasing some too.

Give the RageCraft Guys some love they deserve it.

Enjoy your hobby guys and remember don’t drink your paint water!


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