FOX BOX MONTHLY – Tricksy Mental

Do you even cast bro?

Hey wargamers, 

Spud here, what a wonderful and magical day, as Fox Box have just released another awesome monthly goblin. His name is Triksy Mental and he is cast in their legendary high detailed green resin. Full of character and wonderful crispy detail, he is must have to add to your collection of goblins, join your forces on the battlefield or to stand with pride on your  hobby shelf. 

Convinced that magic is a thing and wearing a stylish robe (or possibly a dress) this month sees Tricksy Mental join the ranks. Trisky is a master caster of pure excellence or pure accidental chaos. 

The model is only on the shop from now until 15th June:
The previous month’s goblin Skwosh Bukkla is available until 15th May too.

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