Friends of the Chilling Network

The Friends of the Chilling Network are a collective of businesses who truly support the wargaming community and are genuine friends of ours. They’re the heart and soul of this wonderful hobby in our eyes!

Our very own Wargames Convention!
Creators of high quality and detailed fantasy miniatures. Ranging from some of your favourite races and enough monsters to fill any wargaming/RPG!
The finest brush and resin bust makers in the land!
Mr Lees Minis are an amazing platform that allows artists to focus on what they do best; sculpting, painting, concept artwork; while an admin team works to help them produce, package, market, sell, distribute, and handle the day to day operations.
A miniatures game containing dinosaurs and amongst the best casted miniatureswe've ever seen!
Lion Tower Miniatures is a small company founded by Dan Kelly, producing high quality resin miniatures, digitally sculpted to the highest standards and lovingly 3D printed and manufactured. An exceptional miniatures comapny who we love!
Fox Box first sprang up as a small start-up company up in Edinburgh in 2011. Back then it was all about greenskin bitz, but since then we have expanded to add our own lines. Currently set up in Rotherham and doing our own casting, we offer you both greenskins and other wargaming models of our own design.
A well established company that is going from strength to strength producing beautiful minis in a variety of mediums. Also the creators of various tabletop wargames such as Kings of War and Warpath as well as board games such as Hellboy, The Walking Dead and Dungeon Saga. If your looking for fantasy or Sci-fi, mass battles, skirmishes or dungeon crawlers Mantic Games has the answer.
At a mighty 7 years old in 2020, Goldfish of Justice miniature painting has been around for a while, providing tutorials, commissions and now the YouTube channel to help you improve your painting, and provide you with glorious miniature art!
Home to Lukes APS scenics and modelling supplies, best in the biz!