Meet the Team

The Chilling Network core team consists of some of the most down-to-earth and chilled out people on this very planet (well it wouldn’t be very “Chilling” if they weren’t!), comprising of professional miniature painters, youtubers and technical wizards, not even millions of pounds could bring you such a highly dedicated and skilled lineup (trust us we tried!).

This crazy group of people are here to bring you some of the best wargaming and videogaming content that money just can’t buy (because we’re giving it to you for free of course!).

Sean "Spud" Ashby - Co-Founder/CWG Live Host

Hey people, I am Spud and the founder of the Chilling Wargamers and been a active wargamer for 8 years.

Always wanted to help all the smaller companies out there and what a way to do it with a YouTube channel. Interviewing upcoming and passionate Wargamers from all the universe of Wargaming.

Paul "Elstonation" Elston - Co-Founder/CWG Live Host

Aparently i'm a verteran wargamer even though i feel like a noob every day. Been doing wargaming on and off from and early age and somewhere along the way i stumbled across youtube and got a bug for it.

Fast forward a couple of years i found Spud and since have become more and more involved with Chilling waragemers. Now i'm a co'host and apparently a machine according to the wider community. Love painting chilling and most things hobby

Steve "Goldfish of Justice" Cornish - Lead Merch Designer/Art Wizard

I'm Steve, and i've been painting models and figures on and off since I was old enough to hold a brush, I now run Goldfish of Justice Miniature Painting, where I am disorganised and hilariously/tragically unprepared for the things that life throws at me.

Painting, building and converting models is both my job and my hobby, so it's all consuming in that respect. I'm also a gamer and petrolhead, so if I can sneak either of those things onto the Chilling Network site I absolutely will!

Adam "GalePrime" Gale - Producer/Webmaster/Internet Wizard

Adam has been a wargamer for several years and has always loved all things Nurgle. He's been a member of the Chilling Network on and off since the beginning as a guest host and avid supporter of Spud and the team.

Now he's been brought onto the team in an official capactiy as producer for CWG Live! as well as the Webmaster and all-round digital wizard bringing his several years of blog writing, web design and social media experience to the "tabletop".