Mortal Realms Painters Introduction


Hello and welcome to our first installment of a Chilling Network painting series Mortal Realms. This series of tutorials and guides will help serve the purpose of aiding you as you paint your copies of Hatchettes Partworks Mortal Realms.

Each tutorial will have clear and detailed instructions on how best to paint each model effectively and fast.

“Ruins of a forgotten age”

All models will be painted to tabletop standard or higher. This will help give you, as a painter, a great overall army by the end of this series. Whilst some tutorials will contain advanced skills such as; Airbrushing, Glazing and Feathering many will be basic skills used to their full potential. Furthermore each stage will be supported with photos to help you with your painting and to provide clarity on the instructions given.

“Oi! He’z the meanest ‘n’ greenest ov ’em all!

Colours will be listed in the paints section, which will be before the tutorial starts. All the paints will be in the order of which they are used. Additionally when the term “Painters choice” is used, it will be down to you, the “painter”, on what colour you choose to use although examples will be given should you wish to follow from paint to paint.

Upcoming Hammer of Sigmar tutorial Model


I’m incredibly excited to be bringing these easy and simple tutorials to the Chilling Network. It is my pleasure to have you all following along as we paint together and have fun.

In addition to the Mortal Realms series I’m working on I will be working tirelessly alongside the other team members within the network to help ensure plenty of varied content and tutorials for you to use.

Please don’t forget to comment below for suggestions on what you would like to see in the future.


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