Panzer IV Ausf D/E by Rubicon Models

Rubicon have an amazing range of World War 2 vehicles and miniatures so I asked Pez over at Rubicon UK if he was up for any reviews as I have reviewed Rubicon kits in the past and he kindly sent me over 3 kits. Today is the first of those kits and it is the Panzer IV Ausf D/E…

At GreyMountain Reviews we try and review all kinds of hobby related products, not only display level miniatures and busts.

We also do gaming related reviews mainly from Corvus Belli but at times we get to review other systems and today I have the pleasure of reviewing Rubicon Models.

The Panzer IV was the most common tank used by Germany during the war and this kit lets you build 2 different versions. The Panzer IV D was used in the European theatre and the Panzer IV E was used by the Afrika Korp.

Pez actually sent me 3 kits which if you wanted to you could use all 3 in a diorama or display piece, all 3 can be made as regular Wermacht known as the Heer or the desert force known as the Afrika Korp and as you will already know will look great as part of your tabletop army to be used in Bolt Action or any other 28mm system.

Now how do we review a model kit?

Well it comes in a glossy printed box which holds 4 sprues of grey plastic parts, 96 in total. There are a set of printed instructions and a decal sheet to complete either version.

The detail of the kits are as you would imagine, they are very nice. Not as detailed as kits by model companies like Dragon or Takom but these are gaming kits and as such the details are great and are enough to paint to a high standard.

Well that is all well and good I hear you say but what good is that to us as gamers? Well my eager little geeklings that is totally no good to you, me or Rubicon as a review so I guess I better build it and see how it fits together…

Go make ya self a cup of tea or coffee or whatever gets ya wasted and I will meet you back here shortly…

(Many many minutes later…..)

So I chose to make the Afrika Korp version the Panzer IV Ausf E. Here is how it went with photos (Der I hear you groan)…

So being a man I decided to not use the instructions and I ended up with an Ikea table so I got the instructions and started again…as the instructions say I started with the lower hull assembly.

Now before you start sloppin’ glue everywhere but on the model, you have to drill holes in the upper hull deck to suit which version you want but my Dewalt drill was too powerful and I ended up with a Panzer frisby..

Once I pulled it out of the dog’s side I got my proper hobby drill and did it properly…3 holes needed for the Afrika Korp version and off I went with my poly cement and Boom!!! Naked flame was too close..

One hospital trip later with my eyebrows glued back on I assembled the lower hull section. This didn’t take long at all once it was clipped off and cleaned up,I found it a pretty easy kit to get on with.

The tracks are next and again you have to select the correct versions of drive wheels for the correct version of Panzer, coz we all know THAT guy who would point and say “that’s not the right wheel that would never be like that”. My usual response is “shut it nerd” my usual response but you can verbally abuse him in your own way…and if you are THAT guy just stop it, it’s a model kit…

So tracks done I move on to the upper hull assembly and for the DAK (Afrika Korp) version you have to skip stages 3a/b/c and go to 4a as the upper deck is different and comes on a single sprue of its own.

Next was turret assembly and section 4b, I always like a bit more detail so I opted for all the hatches to be open (means painting inside too coz my OCD won’t allow me to leave it if the hatches are open AAAAARRRRGGGH…)

Then I dropped back to section 4c for track and turret fitting, you can choose to glue the turret if you wish but generally as model builders we leave them loose.

The final 2 section are for all the extra bits and stowage placement and then decals and weathering…

I found this kit to be quite a cool build and it didn’t take long at all in total it took me 1 hour 15minutes but that was taking photos too so I would estimate 1 hour to build this kit which is great.

So if you are really in to WW2 table top battles and you have a need to be a Nazi boot boy, grab a few of these kits and have your own little blitzkrieg across the lands of tabletop Europe or somewhere where the sand gets in ya short and curlies..

I really do like assembling Rubicon kits they are pretty idiot proof [Prime: Which is why he finds it so easy to build!] with clear instructions and not a gazillion parts to get glued to ya fingers…

If you are deciding to jump in to 28mm wargames I highly recommend buying Rubicon Models.

Head over to Rubicon at and check out the whole range.

Have fun painting your kits and remember don’t drink ya paint water.

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