Tale of a Wargamer #2 – The next chapter

Hey Wargamers, 

Spud here again with another blog post from the heart of Valhalla.  The responses from the last blog post were truly heart-warming and it’s the main reason for this blog post.

Below are the wonderful responses from the trenches of the wargaming community.  It is excellent to see the many paths people have taken to become a wargamer from Dungeons and Dragons to White Dwarfs to even just walking past a Games Workshop.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did.

The first Games Workshop, image source: warhammer-community.com

Youngest son started at the Sunday games at GW and broke his elbow. Was busy building a 1500 pt Dark angels army up. Dad got roped in to help out, as you do, as he couldn’t paint. I bought the magazine in the shop for ideas. That started me off collecting my own and enjoying my painting. 4 golden demon finalist pins but never a statue.

Pip Eddon

I loved reading this and even read it in your voice, Spud! Fantastic seeing your start in the hobby!
For myself, I had been around it in comic shops before, always wanted to get into it, but as I didn’t know anyone that played at the time, I was never motivated. My father didn’t want to spending money on it either, as it was “too expensive and a waste of money”, so I kept to the smaller purchases of comic books and Magic the Gathering cards behind his back.
Flash forward 20 years. I’m 30 years old, a full grown man in a completely different part of the country, playing Magic the Gathering again with a whole group of friends at a local comic shop again. I knew they had a ton of board games at the back, but never paid any mind to notice at the Wargaming stuff along with it. One of my best friends and I were the first to be eliminated in a huge 12-man Magic game and the store owner invited us to play a Flames of War demo he’d set up.
The system was a lot of fun! As I told him this, I mentioned that I’ve never been interested in historical did before and asked if there was anything like it in a fantasy or video game style setting. When he showed us the Warhammer stuff and mentioned it was a similar table top style Wargame, I was intrigued. When my eyes fell upon my Thunder Wolf Cavalry, I was enamoured. Once bought my very first box of Space Wolves, I was hooked

Methos – Frost & Fists

Childhood best friend introduced me to it. I still remember the old Glasgow GW, back when there were more blisters than boxes and there was a big 5th(?) edition display of a Bretonnian castle under assault from Lizardmen in the window…. Good times 🙂

David Titterman

When I was in year 8 at school. I was coming home from school on the train and I saw one of the other kids from school reading a White Dwarf.  That weekend we were in the comic shop in the city and I saw the same magazine on the shelf so had a skim through it. The next weekend we went to a different comic shop and they had a gaming area with people playing wargames and a whole section of miniatures – back then it was all Rafm, Reaper, Ral Parth, Citadel, Mithril etc.  The guys there were playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle …. a few weeks after I bought my first miniatures at that store and starting playing WFB. I was many years later until I went into my first Games Workshop store

Vivek Chandra
People playing in a Games Workshop store, image source: jonathgeenauthor.blogspot.com

I remember watching through a window at school where a couple of older kids were playing Rogue Trader in an empty classroom The rhinos hooked me and my mates. That was, holy crap. 29 years ago. Stupid ageing…

Si Marshal

My dickhead mate who obviously wanted me to be poor for the rest of my life. I went to his house one day and he was painting Lizardmen and his brother was sat there reading a chaos book about the 4 gods, that was it then I wanted to buy stuff right there and then.

Simon Sheldrick

Fighting Fantasy was my gateway drug…soon followed by Drastik Plastic from GW. Next it was Judge Dredd and WHFB 2nd ed. Been poor ever since but damn, those highs are addictive.

Jon Glass

I got into hobbying with. The world of Fighting Fantasy … and Novels of Fighting Fantasy .. Which was helped along by 2 OG Games Workshop members … Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, it was actually written/edited by Marc Gascoigne …also Those choose your own adventure books .. and D&D .. And these little kits of make your own lead models that used to be around at the time.

Luke Mcdonaldson

I never really considered it as the starting place before but age 5 or 6 I picked up a copy of Warlock of Firetop Mountain and was hooked on the Fighting Fantasy books… First real foray into minis was Space Crusade, it came with a leaflet for GW and I went over to the store and was blown away… The rest as they say is history, but that would have been about 30yrs ago now.

Shane Booth

1978, I found a copy of Donald Featherstone’s Skirmish Wargames in our local library.  I had toy soldiers, was getting a bit old for throwing marbles at them so started throwing dice instead.

Geoffrey Annison

I became aware of Warhammer / 40K when I read White Dwarf in the library (back when it was the smaller A5 format). Also listened to Bolt Thrower, so this was around 91-92. Got into the hobby proper a few years later with a mate, he had an IG army and me an SM army. Fell out of the hobby for a good 20+ years, but got back to the saddle with the release of Kill Team 2,5 years ago. Having a much better time now, the hobby aspect is great meditation!

Ville Lepisto
White Dwarf Issue 99, image source: 40k Fandom Wiki

AD&D 2nd Ed then my mate did a couple of covers for white dwarf and away we went. Restarted three years ago with my son and his mates. Now a regular event, just finished a year’s campaign.

Kevin J Turner

Local shop used to sell Warhammer stuff, which looked awesome. Bought a model every now and then to paint (badly) and finally got properly into the hobby/game about 3 or 4 years ago when a mate who played convinced me to try a game with him.

Mike Chivinton

First intro to GW was when I got a board game called Tyranid Attack at the local comic shop I frequented. This was early 90’s I believe. That got me started and eventually got the 2nd edition 40K box set they had there for my birthday.  It all went downhill from there

Paul Ehrenreich

Well, thank you everyone for reading them responses.  For me these were amazing to read through myself and thought I’d put them all in one place. It is a fantastic to see how others in the world stumbled across the niche hobby of ours. 

Anyway I am truly humbled to those people that read me babbling on but I have truly loved writing blog posts. Thank you to Galeprime for helping me out with my punctuation and spelling, it really does mean a lot. 

I’ll see you in the next adventure and love you all. 

Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.  

Peace Spud

Featured image Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro from Pexels

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  1. Loupis Cannis

    1966 , Looking in a model shop window , my eye fell upon a small toy soldier ,it looked metal and was stunningly beautiful , Upon asking about it in the shop was informed , “They are not for you ! They are for men not silly little boys ,so take your pocket money and go to a toy shop!” From that point on I was totally Dammed to the deepest pits of Wargaming , Ancient wars proceeded Napoleonic Wars ,and on to the world wars ,then i was dropped into the world of Fantasy And Dungeon crawling ,Then came the Fantasy Wars ,Which led to the Wars of the far distant future, After a enforced Leave of absence, (Due to my growing Cataracts on both eyes , may be painting related, ) I now dabble at the edges of the hobby and get my necessary Fix by painting figures. So a brief history of my Life as a gamer .

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