Tale of a Wargamer 3: When Bloodbowl took over the store!

Welcome to another tale of a wargamer with Spud!

So this is the third post from myself and today I’ll be noting down some experiences growing up when Blood Bowl took over our store. There’ll also be some epic tales of the games that were played there. Unfortunally smart phones were not a thing then, so don’t have any raw pictures of the action. 

Where to begin… So the store we used to attend used to have different game nights on different days Veteran, Beginner, Specialist and normal gaming on a Saturday. I can’t remember what themed day was what. But one day my friend (from the first blog named Beezly) went on Specialist game day. There was Blood Bowl, Inquisitor, Necromunda, Mordhiem, Gorka Morka, or Battle Fleet gothic etc. One day we went down and all the gaming boards were not out and replaced with these rugby/American football pitches. We were intrigued what this was, we loved/played rugby and watched American Football. (Spud: Oakland Raiders, Beezly: Green Bay Packers). The store member described this as a fantasy game of American Football but your team could literally kill and maim the other team while still trying to score touchdowns, it was called BLOOD BOWL.

 We had to have this game in our lives!

 ‘’What specialist games did you guys play? Pop in comments below’’

Image source: Ebay – 3rd edition Blood Bowl Starter set

And it begins with a 2 player starter set, rulebook, 2 plastic teams, pitch, dice, dugouts, player cards, roster sheet and quick rule set. Was £50 at the time if I remember rightly. 

Which teams should we pick?

Image – Ebay Miniatures – Painted GW Human Team

Well Beezly really wanted the humans to paint up as the Green Bay Packers and to be honest I wanted the Orks to smash people to death with fists. When we chose the teams we had no idea of the rules, so it was just going on the rule of cool. Beezly painted up his humans in his beloved Green Packers colours and I went for red and black for my mighty Orks. I named my Orks The Orkland Raiders 😉 

And now the true adventures began,

Image source – Gumtree – Blood Bowl unpainted miniatures 3rd edition. 

We had our team sheets and fully painted teams at the ready and had game after game after game. Blood, sweat, tears and piled up dug outs of injured and dead bodies. We ran our own league (kind of) with me, Beezly and Beezly’s brother James that had Lizardmen. We played over and over again gaining experience points and improving our players nonstop. 

Now with all this experience (this is what we thought) it was time to take the challenge to enter Games Workshop White Rose and join the big league against other teams. The teams I remember were:

Kev – Wood Elfs

Chris – Dwarfs

Dan L – High Elfs 

Dan C – Orks

Aaron – Chaos

There were probably loads more to be honest but this was like 20 years ago now (wow I’m old) and there were staff members that played in store as well. So when a Blood Bowl game was to be played the staff members had to clear all the intro models and terrain off the gaming tables. They did not enjoy doing this and this is where Blood Bowl took over the store. Most evenings many of people would turn up to the store just to play in the Blood Bowl league and wanted to be crowned the champion, with teams gaining many advancements overall and some teams focused their advancements into one player(Kev) that was fully stacked with block, dodge, sidestep, sure feet, agility 4 and movement 10. Games were getting very tasty. I had a player that had dirty player and knuckledusters, so when I made a fowl I got +4 to armour and +2 to the injury roll. This player had over 15 kills just going round stamping on players faces. It was time to play against the sneaky pointy elfs, I knew that it was impossible to outpace and tactic the elfs. IT WAS TIME TO SMASH SOME FACES!

It was 3 – 0 by half time but at the beginning of the 2nd half I managed to knock over the super star player that could score in one turn. Eagerly I rolled the dice and went through the armour easily, then rolled 2D6 for injury and rolled 10. I had killed the super star! 

The store was booming like a real football game with cheers. I still lost the game 3 – 0 at the end but I put another 4-5 players in the injury box during the game. Well Kev had an apothecary 2+ and all injuries were ignored that happened during the game. 

2+ was rolled! Oh well the glory was still mine for an Ork player. 

This was just one story of many more that happened in the store. So how did Blood Bowl get banned from the White Rose Games Workshop?

Well one day everyone went down to carry on playing Blood Bowl and the staff member at the time said that Blood Bowl was now banned from being played in store including specialist game nights. They banned it store because people were not buying models in store! Yep you heard right…because we were not buying models in store. With Blood Bowl you only needed to buy your one team and then you were set to go for as long as you wanted till you got bored of the team or wanted to add star players. Even with star players we all used to chip in and buy one or convert one out of models we already owned and just borrow each other’s. 

So now what do we do?

Image source – Imgflip-  Thinking face

Find out in another chapter of my epic Tale of a Wargamer!

Thank you all so much for reading this snippet of history from when I was youth. Sorry all the details are not as clear but as I said earlier it was a very long time and wracking my brain to remember all the details is a tough one. 

I am looking forward already to bring the next blog post to you all. It will be all more staff member’s shenanigans. 

Thank you all again and big loves for GalePrime for helping me out as always [no worries brother <3]

Remember to wear your seatbelt, 

Love you Spud x

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  1. Ian Booth

    My first specialist game was the same edition of blood bowl too!
    Me and my beer mate from high school played it to death and I lost regardless of which of the 2 teams I used lol.
    Mordheim came out I by first year at uni and I loved it and still do. Though these days frostgrave fills that gap in my soul lol

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