Ulaya Chronicles by The Drowned Earth


Welcome everyone to my first press release post. Below are all the details for an upcoming Kickstarter from our humble and beautiful friends at Drowned Earth Miniatures. I managed to get many secrets from James, but do make sure you check out the website too:https://ulayachronicles.com/

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What is Ulaya Chronicles?

Ulaya Chronicles is an Adventure Campaign Wargame for 1-4 players set in thetropical, post-apocalyptic world of The Drowned Earth.You and a group of friends find yourselves shipwrecked on an island full of pirates and dinosaurs, and must learn to survive! Over the campaign you will search for a way off the Island, fight (or maybe befriend!) A.I. controlled dinosaurs and pirates, and discover the mystery of Raptor Claw Island!

  • Hybrid Dungeon Crawler/Wargame
  • Solo/Coop Character progression and levelling up
  • AI enemies
  • Card driven, highly narrative scenarios

When is it released?

May 5th 2020! 

The campaign will run for 28 days (ending June 2nd) and we fully intend on having a 4 week online festival, celebrating all aspects of the exciting world of The Drowned Earth.This is our second title. In 2017 we launched The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game, which is a sister-game to Ulaya Chronicles: more of a conventional 1vs1 wargame. The project was 900% funded at £48,000 and we delivered a month early!

Ulaya Chronicles is a stand-alone game, but for The Drowned Earth players,also provides rules for importing the AI system (card controlled dinosaurs!) into their regular competitive games.

What’s in the box?

Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island is a fully contained boxed game,containing everything you need to play, including dice, cards, board map punch board tokens and standees, and beautiful scenery tiles designed by Henning Ludvigsen (Imperial Assault, Descent, Mansions of Madness,Zombiecide Invader… I could go on!).Yes, you read that right. In order to pass the “Christmas Morning” test, and to keep the entry level price as accessible as possible, we’ve included standees in the base game. Miniatures are available in higher pledge levels, and as separate purchases after the campaign. However, if you want to get playing right out of the box, punch some tokens and you’re ready to go! You don’t even need to read the rules, as the first prologue scenario is a tutorial walk through which will teach you the game as you play.

How does it play?

Your copy of Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island will take you on an adventure deep in to The Drowned Earth. Dungeon crawler style, you will play a series of interconnected scenarios, each of which is one chapter in an over-arching story. Your decisions both during and between games will steer the course of this story, and ultimately decide if you escape Raptor Claw Island!Two systems of cards make Ulaya Chronicles distinct from other wargames. Individual decks of “AI” action cards drive each enemy type, meaning that they have individual personalities and behaviours, instead of a single generic“programmed movement” system. This means that Ulaya Chronicles presents the player with a series of tactical challenges depending on the exact mix of dinosaur enemies on the board.The second card system is the engine which drives the story-based scenarios.Each scenario features a unique set of cards which drive both your objectives and the dangers of your environment. Discover interesting events and personalities, make decisions, avoid pitfalls and overcome enemies.Race to complete your objectives before the dangers of the “Heat Deck”overcome you.These events, and how you respond to them, effect both the course of the game and the future of the campaign. Do you befriend the merchant you meet on the road or rob them? Choices steer the game in a different direction, but many decisions will have repercussions later in the campaign. Additionally,inter-game sequences introduce a number of “choose your own adventure”style choices, which also significantly effect the story.

Where are the models?

Well while models are not needed in this game, the hobbyists out there can upgrade their Kickstarter pledge and grab these beautiful miniatures. Not only will it enhance your experience of the game but will be something pretty to look at on your hobby shelf.


Well wasn’t that a thrilling ride of dinosaurs, pirates and jungle themed awesomness?

Don’t forget the Kickstarter is live 5th May 2020 and looking forward to see what more content is released for this game.

Spud x

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