How Can You Contribute to the Chilling Network?

The aim of the Chilling Network is to create hobby content that is available for everyone. For free. No Paywalls, no Patreons, no subscriptions and “you have 4 free articles left this month”. Free.

We want the Chilling Network to be made for the community, and the best way we know of doing that is by getting the community involved! We have our content creator program and we have ideas of we’d like to bring forward for the community.

Unfortunately, none of us have (or at least admit to having) time altering abilities, and we (Spud, Elston, GalePrime, along with the Community Creators) all have actual real life non Internet alter-egos with jobs and commitments, as everyone does. Contributing to Chilling Wargamers and The Chilling Network is our hobby, our free time – it’s all on a voluntary basis with no money changing hands (despite Spud’s claims at the beginning of most shows, we aren’t sponsored by his beverage or deodorant can of choice). We do have the Merch Store (it’s in the title bar, go look at the shiny things later!) but any income that comes from that goes straight back into keeping CN running, be it web domain costs or prizes for shows and shipping costs to get them to winners.

Back to where the ideas bit. We have ideas, but we only have so much time available. This is where we’d like community members to step forward and be part of this hobby monster we want to get rolling.

What we really need at the moment is…

No vacancies at present, check back soon!